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RAK & One Planet Education Network (OPEN)

Just released from One Planet Education Network (OPEN) and its strategic partner, RAKwireless – a new series of IoT STEM EducationKits.


“Through our kits, courses and classroom supports, your students will acquire valuable technology skillsets to succeed in this rapidly growing IoT marketplace spanning a host of industry verticals.” Ken Yu, CEO, RAKwireless


Purchase any one or the set of 11 Kits listed below and sign up for our related OPEN-RAK online IoT courses at our partner RAKwireless ecommerce website.

Please see our sensor education services description (just below the following sensor kits listing), and see how you gain access to our sensor courses and related education services.


The Kits

Each Education Kit covers the following application specific categories and market verticals:

  • Environmental Sensors Kit (course available now)

  • Agriculture Sensors Kit (course available now)

  • Movement Detection Sensors Kit 

  • Industrial IO and Communications Sensors Kit 

  • Industrial 4.0 Sensors Kit 

  • Biometric Sensors Kit 

  • Indoor Tracking Sensors Kit 

  • Outdoor Tracking Sensors Kit 

  • Home/Office Security Sensors Kit 

  • Light and Color Sensors Kit 

  • Starter Sensors Kit 

Iot Agriculture and Environment Kits

IoT Sensor Education Course Services

When you purchase our IoT sensor development courses and related education support services from the RAK-OPEN Ecommerce Website you will gain access to our online educator platform (OPEN Learning Management System - LMS).


In our online LMS you will find your course(s) which include user guides, detailed assembly and programming instructions, access to sensor specific codebases, easy to follow step-by-step video instructions. 


Course pricing includes initial instructor onboarding and management services for the online LMS platform providing teacher/student course access and classroom integration. Your sensor course purchase also includes access to course related discussion forums, an LMS integrated group videoconference application, and other teacher supports. 


We also offer customers sensor network onboarding support services where we deliver an easy-to-install sensor network device so your student built and deployed sensors can become part of OPEN’s IoT Global Sensor Data Network (GSDN). By joining OPEN’s GSDN you can share knowledge with other students and scientists monitoring air quality to measure and mitigate air pollution, leverage your agriculture data to help address food security challenges, and to support climate change research and more.



Sample OPEN GSDN data dashboard Screenshots

For more information on our education packages, please visit the OPEN-RAK Ecommerce page following the link or QR codes above, or please also write us at


Related Education OPEN Online Course Platforms tailored to your needs

Within the OPEN LMS, customers can also choose our embedded micro-class course delivery platform. Micro-classes are designed to deliver 3–5-minute course lessons and are optimized for mobile platforms for students that want to learn anytime and anywhere! Research has shown greatly improved information and knowledge retention utilizing short 3-5 minute “building block” series of lessons. Micro-class delivery platform is sold in addition to our online IoT course LMS offering.

For Special Order Collector’s Edition OPEN-RAK IoT-Shirts - write us at - 

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