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Our Student-Led Global Food Security Experiment continues in Africa, Australia, and New York City

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

OPEN and its IoT partners Helium Systems, Seeed, RAKwireless, Ubidots, IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite, IBM Open Horizons and Esri Digital Mapping and other strategic technology providers are supporting the expansion of OPEN’s IoT network systems deployments for sustainable agriculture education student research programs in Sydney and Walgett, NSW, Australia and New York City.

The implementations in Australia include both outdoor regenerative agriculture test plots but also indoor hydroponics systems for urban farming local food production applications.

Internet sensors will be integrated within our new hydroponic school gardens at our Sydney and NY City schools to send nutrient solutions data for students to analyze and determine how to adjust their treatments to obtain greater and healthier food crop yields. Their findings are intended to also inform our outdoor student and experts' research.

Participating OPEN students, agriculture experts and Ministry officials, and local partner farmers worldwide will be able to visualize through common Google Sheets dashboards and analyze and report, comparing and sharing across borders on their findings. Students and experts will then be able to make informed recommendations for improving yield, soils, water conservation, and how to best adapt to climate change.

To find out how you can join our global food security program and make a difference for the planet and the welfare of its people through OPEN’s community-applied education programs, please write us at -

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