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OPEN announces strategic partnership with music technology innovators Elk, a Stockholm-based company

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

OPEN’s Internal Music Program Team – George Newman, Allan Molnar, Ignacio Rivas Bixio and Nickey Bonomo are super excited to announce OPEN’s strategic partnership with music technology innovators Elk, a Stockholm-based company. Elk and OPEN will bring Elk’s “Live” remote “realtime” music collaboration technologies to OPEN schools around the world and to professional and aspiring musicians and songwriters. There is no, or barely discernible audio or video delay between Elk units up to 600 km apart. THIS is ground-breaking technology OPEN and its colleagues have been looking for for over 25 years since the Internet began to take off.

This technology will be part of our STEM learning series as well as foundational technology to connect remote like-minded music teachers/schools together to learn and create new sounds and possibly new music forms.

Elk online systems will also dovetail with OPEN’s other education programs on the basics of songwriting and cross-cultural co-songwriting between OPEN’s growing list of country partners. This will all be tucked under our Music From Spaceship Earth – Global Cultures Through Music education program series. Soon we will post some videos of student and professionals’ engagements using Elk systems, so stay tuned. Kids create and share and we all benefit, bringing the world closer together through music. That’s the ticket….

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