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Music From Spaceship Earth – Cultural Histories of the World Through Music™

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Music From Spaceship Earth – Cultural Histories of the World Through Music™ is an exciting new online music education program series for bringing young students from around the world together with the goal of celebrating our shared humanity through music and the arts. Students enrolled in this multi-year music series will learn first-hand about the diverse cultures of the world through the local music forms, music histories, musical heroes, and the local inventions and adaptions of musical instruments.

Spanning five continents, our first Virtual Global Music Videoconference Festival to launch this program was a big success! Schools from New York City, Argentina, Nigeria, Kenya, and participants from Japan, China, Thailand and our schools in Walgett and Sydney Australia shared their cultural heritages through a wonderful diversity of musical traditions and instruments, ancient and futuristic. This shows the diversity and wide range of sonic and cultural explorations that our students can pursue through this cultures through music OPEN program.

We now have an open invitation for other schools and countries to also sign up. Students, their music teachers, and scholars and musicians from all countries of the world are welcome. To learn more about this program series and for your school to sign up for Music From Spaceship Earth program series please write us at –

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