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Learn how to improve soil for healthier plants and climate resilience

Updated: Jan 3

Learn how to improve soil for healthier plants and climate resilience – A Seminar from OPEN Regenerative Agriculture Consultant – Gillian Julius (Jan. 30, 2021).

When: Saturday January 30, 2021

Time: 2:00-3:30 PM GMT

To attend, sign up here:

Healthy soil is the foundation for healthy plants that are resistant to disease and pests as well as nutritious for people to eat. A healthy soil structure also helps protect against erosion and the temperature extremes many places are facing from climate change.

But many common agricultural practices cause harm to soil, making it less fertile and more prone to erosion and degradation over time. Many soils are now in a state of poor health after years of chemical use and other damaging practices.

The good news is, this damage can be reversed! With some care and attention, and interventions which support the natural life in soils, good structure and fertility can be restored. This free, 90-minute presentation will explain the basic science of how healthy soil is formed by living things, and will share actions you can take to help restore damaged soils back to health.

Learn how you can improve the health of your soil by working with the life in the soil rather than against it!

About the instructor:

Gillian Julius is a soil health educator and consultant focused on connecting those who grow things in the soil with the vital insights and knowledge emerging at the forefront of regenerative agriculture.

She has contributed to several regenerative agriculture educational initiatives through Kiss the Ground, Land and Leadership Initiative, and the One Planet Education Network.

In her local region of Western Pennsylvania & New York, USA, she is active in efforts to promote regenerative local food production, and consults with growers to help them incorporate organic no-till and other regenerative practices into their operations.

For those interested in a deeper study of this subject, a 4-week long course is also being offered, starting February 14, 2021. It runs for 4 Sundays in a row from 6:00-8:00 pm GMT. A limited number of scholarships to this program are available upon request, first-come-first-serve. If you would like to pursue this longer course, please email and let her know of your interest.

More information on this longer course can be found at:

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