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Includes – Hydroponic and composting instructions, and course on comparing liquid and soil-based nutrient cycling; Data Analytics Course; Off-the-Shelf IoT School Garden Sensors; Sensor Networking Equipment and Software; 

& Support Services


For Upper Primary Levels (Grades 5-8 US) – Secondary (High School US)

For indoor local food production research to participate in OPEN’s global sustainable agriculture research initiative, Internet sensor network equipment and sensor data display software, data analytics course, and to also become part of the OPEN Global Sensor Data Network to share yours and receive other OPEN students’ and professionals’ research data on sustainable agriculture and sustainable local food production.




  • Schools purchase locally 2 classroom scale hydroponic systems and seed pods for student selected vegetables (see OPEN recommended Aerogarden units (available only in USA)) (estimated price $450 USD each = $900 USD)

  • Hydroponic and composting instructions and course on comparing liquid and soil-based nutrient cycling; and data analytics courses

  • 4 Seeed Off-the-Shelf Sensors for hydroponic and compost vessels comparative measurements (4 soil/water temperature/moisture sensors – 2 per classroom set)

  • Sensor network equipment – gateways/hotspots to connect your sensors to OPEN’s Global Sensor Data Network

  • Ubidots sensor data visualization/analytics software

  • Up to three 45 minute PD sessions

  • OPEN Moodle LMS teacher onboarding for access to all OPEN program materials and forums

  • Onboarding for student built and deployed sensors to data visualization software

  • Access to OPEN’s Global Sensor Data Network – to view and compare sensor data with other schools and professionals worldwide

  • Two international cross-cultural events/year

  • Access to OPEN’s WhySci? and Women in Sci-Tech experts interview series                     



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