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One Planet Education Network (OPEN) Launches a

Global Music Education Program Series:



Cultural Histories of the World Through Music™


Boston, MA, November 13, 2020: OPEN, an international education social enterprise is launching a groundbreaking “cultures through music” program series with its global network of schools in South and North America, Africa, Australia and East Asia. Two separate “live” events are required to span all the time zones - November 19th (South & North America and Africa) and 20th (Australia and East Asia).


During these hour and a half events, OPEN students and music professionals will deliver 5-7 minute performances and presentations revealing histories of the countries and cultures where their music emanated, and hinting at possible musical directions for its future.


Insight to cultures can be shown through the musical instruments invented there, the evolution of the various forms music through time, the catalog of music, the influences that shaped that music, and how local songs, traditions and styles have influenced others nearby or across the world. Music becomes the medium to tell the stories of the lands and people from the far corners of the world. 





Steel drum Brooklyn student - Lean on me
Haiti Singing Solidarite - Original smal

Students from Kenscoff, Haiti and Brooklyn, NY USA Perform in OPEN’s “We Are One” Program Prelude To Music From Spaceship Earth – June 2020


During the course of this multi-year education program, your students will hear from music superstars, music scholars, music technologists, sound engineers, ethnomusicologists, music producers, publicists, managers, local historians and indigenous leaders. Your students will continually research various cultures and their histories as told through song, while also learning about the evolution of the music industry and instruments. 


Students will be offered ongoing opportunities to teach their peers internationally, taking turns presenting to one another through "Live" performances, storytelling events, live streams, and via digital recordings. OPEN will archive all for the enjoyment and historical research of future cultures that will follow us. 


In the spring we will feature our first country of focus with a festival on the music and cultures of Liberia. Liberia will also co-host our launch events, setting the stage for the spring event.


Our goal at this critical juncture in our history is to lift our collective spirits and send us all on an amazing journey learning more about each other and our music.  Sharing music, histories, performing and playing together across borders, we created this program to inspire this and future generations. The current technology allows for it, so let’s use it to its fullest potential!! 


George Newman, Founder of One Planet Education Network – “The time is NOW for us all to join together across borders, cultures, races, creeds, politics, economics, and anything else that is used as a cudgel to divide us. Music is the medium that can bridge the chasms, help us obtain perspective, and make lasting positive connections between our children. We’re all so thrilled with the initial response to our planned program series from so many cultures and places around the world. We invite all schools on Spaceship Earth to join us in months and years ahead to take this to places that only our creative young geniuses can imagine.”



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