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Mission Anchor

Goanbei Emmanuel Zeyoe


Born October 27, 1986 into a family of music where my mom sang in the Choir at the Nation's Historic and oldest Church, the Providence Baptist Church, I started making beats and rhythms on my own at age 4 and eventually started playing the drums in Church at age 6, the same year that I took interest in the keyboard.


At age 8, my dad traveled to the States and a Violin was given him as a gift for his children, but knowing my interest in the keyboard and as the only musical child in the family at that time, he traded the Violin for a 5 octaves Casio keyboard, and delivered it to us on his return. 


I started off playing by ear and would figure out the melody on the keyboard and play it with only a finger. Eventually, I added the two other fingers to create the harmony in my songs. Originally, I started playing hymns as we sang only them in our family devotion, but following my Mom to Choir practice at the United Liberia Inland Church where she moved when she and my dad got married, I developed interest in western Gospel music and started listening much to Kirk Franklin.


At age 11, I was already teaching songs to my Church Choir and the first ever song led and directed in Church, is the song, 'Pick up your broken pieces, and bring them to the Lord'. A song I took to the Ivory Coast in 1996 and taught to my Church Choir whilst we were displaced there from the civil war.


Fast forward, upon our return to Liberia in 1998, I continued serving my Church, the Inland Church as one of the Directors, but was actively involved with my High School Choir the Bethesda Christian Mission up to my graduation in 2003. 


Upon graduation, I was asked by a Cousin to assist him musically at his Church, the Bethel Cathedral of Hope, that which I did from 2003 to 2008. Eventually, I continued teaching music to other Schools and Church choirs in the Paynesville and Old Road Districts up to 2008 when I left Liberia for China. Whilst studying in China, I played the keyboard and led worship in the Beijing International Christian Fellowship. 


In 2009 I lived for a time in Ghana where I also worked and trained the Prince Emmanuel SDA Church Junior Choir for 3 months.  I then left for South Africa in 2010. Whilst in South Africa, I was part of a West African Band that played at the Official Opening of the Soccer World Cup Tournament in 2010. 


South Africa experience helped me improve my music as I started to work with some big Choirs from major Churches. To name a few, these included The Sunny Side SDA Church, The Cornerstone Assembly of God Church and the Greater Grace Church in South Africa. 


Because of my love and passion for the art and the natural gift of helping others, I started the Evangelical Choir of Africa in 2010, that was established to Evangelise through Music and Sharing basic life services where possible. 


I then moved to the US for a time where I worked with the Hickory Grove United Methodist Church in Charlotte NC, African Service as their Choir Director for about 6 months. 


I eventually moved back to Liberia in 2015 and started working as Music Director for the Christian Re-Creation Ministries a Youth Development and Mentorship Organization, and an Assistant Director for the Restoration Baptist Ministries. 


Currently, I only play the piano and work with my Church, the United Liberia Inland Church Choir as the Technical Music Director. But Nationally, I'm known amongst the local musicians as one who is well experienced and connected in the industry. 


This along with my experience in high tech arena in telecommunications, and my world travels and experience with many different cultures has placed me in a position where as Country Director for OPEN Liberia, I’m able to leverage that and use to our benefit for our upcoming MUSIC FROM SPACESHIP EARTH Grand Launch Liberia and Beyond.

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