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Mission Anchor

Violet Su

Violet is currently a Sales Consultant at Seeed Studio, focusing on IoT Solutions for vertical industries such as smart agriculture. She is eager to explore cooperation in how technology will empower and transfer traditional industries.

Before taking on the role of sales consultant, she has been working as a community manager for 8+ years, in charge of creating partnerships and programs for hardware development and community collaborations. As one of the core organizers of Maker Faire Shenzhen, she has been very actively spreading maker culture and building the maker community in China, as well as acting as a liaison between Chinese and international maker communities. Prior to that, she works as a volunteer Chinese teacher in Thailand for two years. 


Violet speaks two dialects, Chinese Mandarin, English, and Thai, and now on the path of learning French. She has a passion for language, culture, education, and crossover collaborations.


Violet believes there are many visible and invisible elements in the society that conveys people’s emotions, cultures, and feelings, which can be expressed via music, the common language that can transcend across time and space. She is looking forward to communicating with the Music Team at OPEN and help coordinate future programs, to learn more about world cultures, and at the same time brings diversity and understanding to schools and communities worldwide.

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