Highlights From Earth Day 2021 Distance Learning Events

Our first event covered the Far East, South Pacific, India and Australia and our second event, The Western Hemisphere, Europe and Africa. So the events spanned almost all of Mother Earth. We had OPEN students, partners, teachers, parents, and even a few rock and roll icons joining us and presenting and performing from 19 different countries. The musical, art and verbal presentations and performances which focused on what Earth Day meant to young students of 2021, were exceptional.  We all learned a lot from one another and had a great time.  I hope you will too!   Thank you for watching,  I hope you can join us next time.  


George Newman

Interview with Dr. Sara Seager

OPEN was honored to host Dr. Sara Seager, a world-renowned expert in the search for life beyond earth.  Co-hosted by Ashley Ruiz and Syra Mehdi of OPEN’s Women in Sci-Tech Series, Dr. Seager updated us on her and her colleagues’ potentially civilization-altering work since our last interview in 2016... read more


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Steel drum Brooklyn student - Lean on me

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