Knox Grammar School Collaborative Project with First Nations Australians, Our Innovation Hub and OPEN, Mass USA.

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This collaboration has been evolving over 3 years, initially with OPEN and the Knox Aboriginal Program and Walgett Community College and local elders in Walgett led by Mr Luke Farr.  Click here to read more...

Interview with Nicole Musimbi

Nicole Musimbi is a UI/UX designer and analyst at Dimitra, an international company with a mission to deliver AgTech globally to farmers. She is involved in translating requirements into attractive user interface by understanding business requirements, and user perspective... Click here to read more...

The Young Farmers Club of Majoreni Secondary School in 
The Southeast Coastal Region of Kenya

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"The mission of the club is farming for self-reliance and the vision is to reduce dependability and improving food supply using good and sustainable farming methods." Click here to read more...

CONGRATULATIONS BWINDI OPEN School Students and Mr. Frank Bush from South Kivu, DR Congo!

We are so proud of you and your hard work and this is shown through the remarkable end of spring growing season results. This further demonstrates that our regenerative organic agriculture practices sure works for sweet potatoes across our Kenya and DRC schools!!  We now show these results to your local farm community and invite them into our program, and have them try our practices for sustainable agriculture.  Click here to read more...

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Coming in October 2021 OPEN - RAK IoT STEM Sensor Kits 

Using One Planet Education Network’s OPEN-RAK Do-It-Yourself (DIY) STEM Lab Sensor Wisblock kits your students can create a wide variety of sensors types such as weather monitoring Internet (IoT) sensors, CO2 for climate change monitoring both for sustainable school gardens and farming applications. Or your students can build pollution particulate sensors for monitoring local air pollution near your school, and much more..  Click here to read more...


OPEN's products and services include project-based learning program series, international distance learning events regularly linking students and scientists/experts, ESRI GIS digital mapping technologies, IoT sensor network STEM+ labs, game-based learning content, in-person and webinar professional development for teachers and techs, scientist and expert interview series, and IMCON International "mobile classroom" connectivity platform.

Please contact us for pricing and more information.

Hands-on STEM+ labs on a variety of real-world community-focused applications

STEM+ Labs

Digitally connecting students, and students and experts across the globe

International Distance Learning

Steel drum Brooklyn student - Lean on me

AN OPEN Invitation 

to connect with the world through music!



Currently sustainable community-infrastructure focused multi-year program series

Project-Based Learning Programs

Video interview series with leading scientists and experts who are authorities on the 21st century Global Challenge topics that OPEN's international education programs cover



A new OPEN series featuring women in science and technology…

Women in SciTech



At One Planet Education Network, our mission is to promote scientific literacy along with cross-cultural understanding, and to inspire a passion for lifelong learning. We not only want to prepare the global community of learners for the 21st-century workplace, but also to better prepare them to work together to effectively contend with the major challenges confronting our civilization.