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OPEN and the Forestry Training Institute (FTI) in Liberia Join Together to Deploy Internet Sensors to Monitor and Measure CO2 and other Greenhouse Gases (GHGs) to Support Climate Research

Recently OPEN and its partners, Helium Foundation, Ubidots and Seeed Studios deployed a small testbed of Internet sensors and a weather station to measure greenhouse gases initially CO2 on a small area on campus. Read more...  

OPEN's Partner School in Abuja, Nigeria Students Learn and Practice City Gardening on Campus

The Royal School for Educational Therapy Foundation (RSETF), our great partner dedicated to bringing life skills to special needs students through our STEM and Environmental Science programs, are focusing on sustainable agriculture methods in setting up and planting their spring gardens. Read more...  

OPEN's Strategic Partner for Colombia and Latin American Education Technology Markets, TEC12 Launches a Program for Smallholder Coffee Farmers to Monitor Soil Moisture and Temperature to Improve Coffee Crop Yields and Quality

Our partners at TEC12 have successfully deployed our Seeed next generation soil moisture and temperature sensors at 20 smallholder coffee farms in the coffee growing region outside of Medellin.  Thanks to generous support of RUTA N organization, Seeed Studio, Ubidots and OPEN, coffee farmers are working alongside TEC12 team members in deploying and integrating the IoT Internet sensors and networking systems. Read more...  

Interview with Mwende Njiraini

Join us in this interview with the wonderful Mwende! Mwende Njiraini is a Telecommunication Engineer by profession and is currently the African Initiative Coordinator at DiploFoundation. In this episode, we discuss her work with diplomacy, how she came into the engineering field, and our shared love of baking! 

Women in Sci-Tech Host Syra Mehdi Interviews Megan Brown, Researcher, University of Maryland, Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences

Host Syra Mehdi interviews Megan Brown, researcher in atmospheric and oceanic sciences at the University of Maryland.  Ms. Brown’s research advisor is Professor Ning Zeng.   Megan and fellow student researchers and Professor Zeng will be studying climate change for OPEN’s two-year research project on CO2 and Greenhouse Gas in a select area in a Liberia rainforest.  Megan, her fellow students, and advisor Professor Zeng will be setting up IoT sensor network arrays with OPEN technical teams, to analyze and report their findings on carbon sequestration in native tree and flora species.  Hope you enjoy hearing about Ms. Brown’s exciting and important leading edge science research work and what it can mean for our future.

Seeed Studio Feature:

"OPEN Sustainable Agriculture Experiment with SenseCAP on Jamaica Farms"

"Founded in 1998, One Planet Education Network (OPEN) is an international education technology company focused on sustainable community development and cross-cultural knowledge exchange. Having served as a consultant to an MIT Sloan School committee that advised the US Government on the commercialization of the Internet during the early 90s, OPEN’s founder George Newman had a window into the future and early on the possibilities for positive uses of the Internet for cultural understanding, education, and knowledge exchange on a massive scale. ​" Read full article...


Testimonials From Special Needs Schools in Abuja, Nigeria Participants In Our Recent OPEN-RAK STEM Sensor Kit Workshop


A US Embassy of Nigeria funded projected by Dr Badewa Adejugbe and The Royal School for Educational Therapy Foundation (RSETF) with OPEN and STEM consultant teams. Read more testimonials...

OPEN announces strategic partnership with music technology innovators Elk, a Stockholm-based company. 


The Timothy Dwight Elementary School - PS 33X
Alchemist Club In The South Bronx, NY Win First Place

Alchemist Club Studios - 5th Graders

Win First Prize in The District 10 Science Fair 2022


RAK and One Planet Education Network Promote IoT Learning and Development Through STEM Kit


When we envision making IoT easy for everyone, we do mean everyone. We want to involve every single person in the development of IoT worldwide and make IoT education available for students everywhere.

That is why we are proud to announce the successful launch of our OPEN-RAK Do-It-Yourself (DIY) STEM Lab Sensor WisBlock Kits for students and a data analytics education network with our partner, One Planet Education Network (OPEN), and with the help of Helium and Ubidots technology.  Click here to read more...

Bungoma, Kenya Leads the Way on OPEN’s Global Regenerative Agriculture Research Experiment

With the continued support of Bungoma County’s Ministry of Agriculture led by Mr. Chrisantus Mangoli and Mr. Maurice Emuria and OPEN’s Country Manager, Bonventure Masika, our three test bed sites have shown exceptional results in protecting against erosion, rapidly restoring soil health, while beginning to measure and compare carbon sequestration capabilities.    The sites are – Mabanga Agriculture Training Centre, Machwele Vocational Agriculture Training Centre, and Kitinda Secondary School. Read more...  

OPEN’s Global Education Programs Support the UN's ITU-D 

Partners To Connect (P2C) Alliance

OPEN-horizontal logo1.png

OPEN Strategic Partners

Screen Shot 2022-06-06 at 12.34.06 PM.png

OPEN’s Pledge to Support the UN’s ITU-D P2C Alliance Validated By ITU-D

Over the last six months OPEN has participated in an advisory role in the P2C Alliance Working Group 3. OPEN’s work in education and education technology related to sustainable community development fits with all 4 pillars in connecting the last 2 plus billion people to the Internet and the resultant benefits of doing so. For OPEN specifically that is to deliver online education to the underserved everywhere.


Total Pledges:


OPEN's Pledge:



OPEN's products and services include project-based learning program series, international distance learning events regularly linking students and scientists/experts, ESRI GIS digital mapping technologies, IoT sensor network STEM+ labs, game-based learning content, in-person and webinar professional development for teachers and techs, scientist and expert interview series, and IMCON International "mobile classroom" connectivity platform.

Please contact us for pricing and more information.

Hands-on STEM+ labs on a variety of real-world community-focused applications

STEM+ Labs

Digitally connecting students, and students and experts across the globe

International Distance Learning

Steel drum Brooklyn student - Lean on me

AN OPEN Invitation 

to connect with the world through music!



Currently sustainable community-infrastructure focused multi-year program series

Project-Based Learning Programs

Video interview series with leading scientists and experts who are authorities on the 21st century Global Challenge topics that OPEN's international education programs cover



A new OPEN series featuring women in science and technology…

Women in SciTech


At One Planet Education Network, our mission is to promote scientific literacy along with cross-cultural understanding, and to inspire a passion for lifelong learning. We not only want to prepare the global community of learners for the 21st-century workplace, but also to better prepare them to work together to effectively contend with the major challenges confronting our civilization.


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