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      China Gate
    1. Liverpool has had a history of conflict and in the past has often been portrayed in a negative light. Since the Toxteth Riots in the 19080s the City has been improving in leaps and bounds. Liverpool has a diverse cultural base that it is rightly proud of. Chinatown being an example of this stunning cultural diversity.


    2. Liverpool is a world city of international renown, with its instantly recognisable waterfront. The Merseyside Development Corporation established after the Toxteth Riots in 1981 has stimulated massive investment in the area. Perhaps one of the most high profile projects undertaken was the 100m restoration of the Albert Docks, now a major tourist attraction, attracting some 4.5 million visitors per annum.


    3. Liverpool is a musical city, as a port the Mersey has been a gateway to the rest of the world and to a whole host of different cultures and music. The Irish presence in the City has undoubtedly contributed to music playing a pivotal role in Liverpool life. Our most famous musicians are of course the Beatles who now have their own 'Beatles Story' located in the heart of the Albert Dock complex. The Cavern Club where 'Mersey Beat' began has been rebuilt on the very site of the original Cavern Club where the Beatles first played. There is a long history of music making in the Liverpool black community and today is no different so watch this space.


    4. Liverpool offers more museums and galleries of national status than any other area outside London together with some stunning architecture. The Albert Dock houses the Tate Gallery, the first branch of the famous London gallery. Highlights also include the Walker Art Gallery and Liverpool Museum. There are also Liverpool's two famous cathedrals. The Catholic cathedral is affectionately know as 'Paddy's Wigwam' whilst the Anglican cathedral remains a dominating feature of the Liverpool skyline. However probably the most famous piece of architecture in the city is the 'Liver Buildings', one of the three graces, which dominate the famous waterfront.

    5. Liverpool wouldn't be complete without mentioning our sporting prowess. Liverpool and Everton football clubs are renowned the world over. Liverpool is also home to the world's famous horse race, the Grand National at Aintree.

    6. Liverpool is currently getting together a bid to become the European Capital of Culture 2008. Already the bid team is putting together a glittering programme of events and festivals. This massive party will begin in 2007, Liverpool's 800th birthday. Liverpool is a living, breathing, changing city. By looking to the future and working with our young people and the city visionaries we will put Liverpool at the centre of Europe's cultural map in 2008 and our history of conflict behind us.


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