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GRAHAM NASH: In Video Tribute to Seymour Papert
Announces Artists For The Ocean (AFTO) - Ocean Environmental Awareness and Action Education Programs with OPEN and Strategic Partners – 2014-2105.... and Beyond

International Action Education Program: Save The Black Rhino – Complement to AFTO
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Johnny Ronelus, Science teacher, New York City Schools:
Presenting current education technology tools and teaching practices influenced by Seymour Papert's vision.

OPEN SSBI International Distance Learning Program: "Save Me" theme song for saving the Black Rhino.


One Planet Education Network (OPEN)

is a leading provider of online multiplayer adventure learning games that engage and inspire kids to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills. OPEN’s mission is to transform teaching and learning by combining the power of 3D virtual video games with educationally rich storylines that challenge children and inspire a 24x7 passion for learning.

OPEN’s educational 3D learning environments integrate STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), social studies content, and common core standards with game narratives based on real places and scenarios that address important challenges of our 21st century civilization. Students use content embedded within authentic tasks to meet challenges and achieve goals during play. In our realistic park environments students take on apprenticeship roles across a diversity of disciplines, including environmental field researchers, energy conservation consultants, archaeologists, and engineers. As they navigate storylines, students make decisions that affect their virtual world and the trajectory of the narrative. As they travel in time and to different locations, they become protagonists in the story of human history – past, present, and future.


OPENs Games-Based learning Prototypes

"Teach Your Children"
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US Department of Education - Institute of Education Sciences

OPEN has received a series of Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contracts to develop 3D educational learning environments as a supplement to upper Elementary and Middle School science, mathematics, social studies, and literacy curricula. These realistic 3D environments are based on representations of real-world National Parks and World Heritage Sites. These include Virtual Mesa Verde, Virtual Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Saving the Black Rhinos of Mkomazi National Park. Our latest worlds that were also supported by IES include Virtual Machu Picchu (Spanish and English), and Olympic National Park. read more…

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